Underfloor Heating Thermostats

Our underfloor heating thermostats range from simple analogue models to intuitive personalised devices. You can choose from HeatupCPT’s range of underfloor heating thermostats to suit your need, knowledge and room type.

Read more on each unit below:



Control your heating from anywhere with the app or via Alexa And Google. Reduce your heating bill and still enjoy a warm home when you arrive. The thermostat notices open windows and lets you turn off the heat effortless. It has a manual and programmable mode, and detects room and setting temperature.

Touch Screen

These thermostats make use of the most advance international microcomputer control chip with a LCD touch screen. Manual mode and program mode may be selected. It’s capable to inspect the environment temperature through the internal and external sensor.


HeatupCPT’s Programmable Thermostats allow personalisation for your home heating schedule. It can be set on six period times and the corresponding temperature setting per day. This thermostat is suitable for all electric heating equipment.


If you prefer a simple, dial-based thermostat to control your under floor heating system, have a look at HeatupCPT’s range of Manual thermostats. Easy to use – just twist to control for immediate heat.